Illustrated Storybook Bibles Help Children to Easily Understand God’s Word

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  2. December 31, 2017 5:45 am

Illustrated Storybook Bibles Help Children to Easily Understand God's Word

The apostle Peter in 1 Peter 2:2 tells new followers of Christ that, just like newborn babies, they should “desire the pure milk of the word.” This is especially true of young children being taught God’s word. An adult who comes to Christ is likely adept at reading text and sitting through lecture-style classes from years spent in school. However, young children have short attention spans, and they are at varying levels of reading skill.

Illustrated storybook Bibles are a wonderful way of teaching the fundamentals (the milk) of God’s word to children. The truths about the Creation, the Fall and the Redemption through Christ can be easily understood on their most basic level when the stories are told with accompanying illustrations. The words coupled with the images help children to better grasp what is being taught.

Every parent knows that young children readily pick up and look at a book with pictures, but they have little interest yet in books that are just text. Children that cannot read listen to the stories being read to them by an adult, and they scan the illustrations looking for things that reinforce the words they hear. Even if children are told that the ark Noah built was a big boat, it is not understood until a picture is seen. Seeing a well done illustration of the ark defines and shapes what the word means in their minds.

Many children today are learning about fictional heroes. None of those so-called heroes even compare to the men and women of the Bible who stood up for what they believed in and have seen mighty miracles happen. Teaching children from illustrated Bibles, helping them to understand that who they are learning about were real people, imparts the knowledge that they too can overcome the toughest obstacles they may face in their lives. Seeing an illustration of young David squaring off against Goliath firmly plants the lesson of the story into the hearts of children that with God, nothing is impossible.

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